MerryGo Nairobi

Last week on Wednesday evening, the TembeaKenya team was re-united again but this time within Nairobi; more specifically in the CBD.

We had been invited for the official re-opening of the rotating restaurant on the 28th floor of the KICC.

KICC  was built in late 1960’s but it opened its doors as a meeting facility in 1970s after it was officially opened in September 1973 by the late President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. In 1989 its ownership was transferred to KANU, then the only legal political party in Kenya. KICC was returned to the state in 2003, when KANU was voted out of the government. (Wikipedia)

So the re-opening was quite a big deal in the tourism industry as it should be to all Kenyans. I was fashionably late for the event but nonetheless, the experience was unforgettable.

You see, Magical Kenya under Kenya Tourist Board, was having a trade fair and an expo the following day so they took the chance to host the re-opening of the restaurant.

The set-up was so homely and welcoming.

KICC tendered for restaurant services and they are yet to pick the service provider.

The usual suspects were present; Tim, Ahenda, Muriuki, Nabiki and CKitili. The re-union was so timely as we were informed that we have a #TembeaKenya coming up next month. Excitement was very evident on our faces!!! Muriuki flossed us to the international and local travel marketers and PR consultants 🙂

The initiative has bore fruit and many industry who’s who are very interested in knowing how they could plug in!

The rotating restaurant is a great concept and whoever came up with it, salute!

The restaurant rotates slowly and unless you look at the partitioning between the inner and the outer circumference, it’s hard to notice. When I entered, I found the rest by a table near the band. By the time I had eaten and caught up mushene-wise with the the rest, we had moved far away from the band. It was quite confusing!

Why the rotating concept? So that you can wine and dine while getting a 360 view of Nairobi without moving an inch!

The restaurant is not yet open but once it is I highly recommend you pay a visit!

(Photos courtesy of Tim Njiru’s Nokia E6 and my Nokia E52)


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